It’s been forever….

Yes, I know its been months and months! The big news is, we moved back to Utah! Sunshine! Family! I will never complain about the heat again, it was a rough 3 years living in constant rain! And while I miss my Tina, I do get to see her this weekend for a whole week when she comes to visit!
I also got to meet my lovely friend Jen for the first time in real life, see Sarah D. and Maddie is coming too in a few weeks! So happy to be home!
Kids are all doing great, Jay is back to work, as am I. I’ll post again when I have more than 2 minutes!




Here’s Jack’s kindergarten graduation to tide you over til my next blog!

We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday…

make a wish! pony party Fluttershy cake Happy Jack Beautiful girl Party fun presents galore! Happy Birthday to Mary! Best Friends Mary and Carlee 9 Years Old! Sweet Ginny All the cool kids are doing it.

MaryJane’s birthday was last Saturday! 9 years old! We had a pony/rainbow party for her on the 18th (Her Grandma Forsyth’s birthday-Happy Birthday Mom!) We had lots of little girls running around having a blast, games, rainbow fruit kabobs, and fun for everyone! Mary is just the sweetest, happiest kid…which is why it’s such a bummer that as soon as the party was over she lay down on the couch and was sick for the next 2 days. 103.2* fever and vomiting. Poor kid! She is feeling better now, thank goodness, and enjoying her new Pokemon Dsi game from her bff Carlee. Happy birthday MaryJane! Love love love you forever and a day!

On another note…Jack and I are heading to Anchorage tomorrow, and will be doing another surgery on his eyes on Thursday. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that all will go well. My anxiety/stress level can’t take a third surgery! Here’s to healthy kids!



Picture of the Day

Ginny Loves Blondie

Happy New Year!

A little late I know, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s some pictures of our adventures for the last month…

Happy New Year! Oh Christmas tree... Happy Jack haircut 50's girl date night snow bunny watch out! siblings puppy kisses love love love present from Santa score! Happy girl on Christmas morning! so stoked! Good morning! Cassi's going to Utah! Wow! Merry Christmas Ginny girl! True Love <3

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season!


Another month has gone by in a blink…here’s what we’ve been up to…

Fostering 6 puppies for 2 weeks…

six sleepy poop machines

And we kept Miss Blondie to stay with us forever!

Jay and Blondie

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I missed my family, but kept busy baking 40+ pies!

42 pies!

Jay and I also went to a Western Party- Yee haw!

11 November 30 003

And Cassi went to Winter Ball…

Cassi at WInter Ball

Ain’t she purdy?

Christmas is here, the tree is up, and we’ve been loving the Christmas spirit in our home. 2 more weeks until Christmas! Happy Holidays All!



Happiness Is…

14 Years of marriage…

Halloween fun…


And our new kitty friend, Olive…

Hope you’re all feeling happy too!

Ginny is 2!

Yesterday my sweet Ginny girl turned 2! I seriously cannot believe how fast time goes by and that she’s not a baby anymore! She is a big 2 year old now, with a 2 year old attitude. For example, her favorite words are “Hey!” and ” Mine!” “Move” and “Stop it” are other favorites. I swear, the closer it got to her birthday, this naughty little person started emerging. Good thing she’s so stinkin’ cute…have some pictures….

Happy birthday little chicken! Love you to the moon and back!